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Get Published Through a Book Printing Press and Print-on-Demand

May 1st, 2021

It used to be that book printing press refers to the large scale transfer of data unto paper to mass produce books. The sheer cost of printing such a large volume is enough to put a hole in anyone’s bank account, and is therefore an option open only to commercial publishers.

If you are a writer, it can often be daunting and deterring to go into publishing and book printing press. But getting published nowadays can be easier than before. Self-publishing has been done in the past and many reputable writers have succeeded in it even before. Try these solutions for your publishing aspirations.

Printing and Money Matters

Print on Demand or POD

o With the advent of the digital technology, you can now have short run printing or short volume of books printed, opening the doors for self-publishers and readers alike.


o Writers can go directly to the printer and have their materials published into books without going through the traditional process of publishers and editors.

o This idea can be perfect for hobbyists who simply want to have a few pieces printed for personal use to give away to friends and relatives. The cost per print is not as expensive and the small minimum orders make them affordable.

o Those writers who want to make a profit from their material use POD to self-publish and manage their own capital. They can start selling their books locally with their own distribution network or they can wait for orders before printing.

o By managing a certain numbers of prints that you can print with customer demand, it certainly is the safest way to safeguard yourself against any unsold production and make profit.

Printing, Publishing and Readers

o The readers hold great demand on books that are produced. Print on demand allows them to request for books that are already out of print or hard copy of online books. This technology creates the avenue for hard to find books to be more accessible to people while still maintaining the balance of supply and demand.

o Aside from businesses and self-publishers, it also helps the academic community. Most universities use the print-on-demand technology to make available various dissertation materials and research. Students or researchers can simply request to have a hard copy of existing studies.

o With traditional book printing press, the themes and styles of books needed to be both mainstream and popular. Safe and formulaic books are not the only ones in demand nowadays. You can better cater to a wide audience who prefer contemporary books. Using POD, specialty books written by experimental writers can create niche markets.

o You can woo your own audience with self-publishing. You can control too the extent of your work or material. And with little intervention from editors, you can produce a book that is raw and almost untainted by other people’s visions.

Experiment and see what today’s technology can offer you and how today’s trends influence you. Work with a book printing press, work on your own cover and designs, work on your own material – anything can be within reach. All you really need is to try.

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